We designed this app basically to save some of our time in preparing test but not to save time talking to kid. Please use app in that way. Let kid spend some time doing math, but after that review results together in option "Latest work".

In last version  static menu on bottom of main page was removed. Now it appears afterpressing "menu" button.

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  1. I really like your app because of the options for the max/min numbers and the types of problems. I have a 6 year old and this is perfect.

    If you continue to develop the app, I have a few suggestions to make it even better:
    1. Have an option to turn on visual/audible success/failure notes after the child puts in the answer. It is amazing how big a kick kids get out of a success message and this will make the app more entertaining as they practice with it.
    2. Incorporate some singapore math style questions in it with some visuals to work them (like marbles or dots or whatever). They would be similar to your word problems, but would be a bit more basic so that they start learning the concepts of addition, subtraction, division, etc. For example - there are 4 boys and 8 cookies. if each boy gets the same number of cookies, how many does each boy get? It would be cool if the interface could allow them to create boy "buckets" and drag (or toggle up/down the #) the cookies/dots/whatever to each of those boys to get to the answer and then have a place to enter the answer. This particular example is basic, but teaches division. Then, it would be cool to have subsequent questions that change the quantity of boys or cookies and have them adjust the answers.

    Anyway, these are just ideas based on what I do with my son on a chalkboard and with random things like lego pieces.

    thanks for the app. it is great!