Let's do the math 3 is on Android Market

New version of application is finished. Currently free version was published on Android Market. Soon we will publish full version.

New application is a math exercises workbook in form of simple game. Exercises are designed for a bit more advanced students - around 10 years old.
Tasks are based on 4 basic calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Most of exercises are mixture of this four. For some exercises brackets are used. There are 14 different types of tasks altogether (in free version only 6 are available).  Each task has 5 difficulty levels.

We also introduced new design of application. We call it "Nineveh Design". It is inspired by one of the oldest libraries in history. Please read about Nineveh on wikipedia it is very interesting.

Expect soon new release of Let's do the math 1 and 2.


Update of version 2 (2.05) is published on Amazon.

New version of app was published. Main changes are :

1. Set of word problems was extended.  20 new word problems for addition and subtraction were added.
2. Volume adjustment can be done currently using you device volume control buttons.
3. All known bugs are resolved.


Updated app version on Amazon appstore

Dear users,

New version is available on Amazon appstore. We fixed bug which could pop up after selection skill level
"2nd grade end".

All is working correctly now!

Description of the bug

We find out that after selecting "2nd grade end"  in option "skill level" you can experience certain problems in  "comparison" and "find element" tasks ( application can unexpectedly stop or you get task "12 + [ ] =27" without possibility to solve).
If you encounter such problem in version you downloaded before 4th of April, please enter into menu  "options" then select "tasks to do" and then press OK or just exit. After that app will work without any problems.


Let's do the math 3 is coming !

We are preparing new product. It is aimed mainly in a bit more experienced young student. It will contain new types of exercises and new types of calculations and new "clay tablets inspired" user interface. Stay tuned!