Score calculation

Score calculation is introduced in latest version available on Anroid Market. App will count your score from now on.
Every correct answer makes your score grow by one. What is more important it is possible to compare your score against scores of other users across the world! So you can see your position across continents.
Communication of the score over internet is performed only after configuration in settings option. NO PERSONAL information is transmitted. Only your score, your continent and technical id is transmitted to central server. Score is stored on secure Amazon servers.

To  prevent bad habits and save the environment , score is refreshed only one time a day.

This functionality will be implemented in Amazon  versions in few days.

Happy New Year 2012 !


Why it is good to use full version?

Shortly explained:

There are more exercises available.
    There are two type of tasks adding to and subtracting  from large numbers.
    Comparisons and find element are available for comparisons and find element.

There is more word problems tasks available.
     There are 20 more word problems to solve.

It is much easier to configure tasks to do.
      It is more intuitive on smaller screen.

Sound support, after clicking at number sound is played.
       You can choose vibrations or sound effects after clicking the buttons.


Let's do the math 2

We have just published on Amazon appstore new version of application. This version contains more types of trainings and have sound support. Configuration of tasks is improved in this version. Now even with new types all is accessible on one simple screen.


Two good news !

I have two good news. Our app is now available on NDuoa.com portal. You can check the link on the right.

Second news is coming form Amazon.Let's do the math is in first Top 100 of free apps on Amazon appstore.

What makes us very proud, app is Number One on  free Education App list  for more than one week !


We designed this app basically to save some of our time in preparing test but not to save time talking to kid. Please use app in that way. Let kid spend some time doing math, but after that review results together in option "Latest work".

In last version  static menu on bottom of main page was removed. Now it appears afterpressing "menu" button.


Version 3.03


In new release you can find:
1. New types of tasks added: multiple additions, multiple subtractions and mix of addition and multiplication. These are more difficult tasks which could be done by the end of second year learning.
2. Bug fixes concerning setting number of tasks for given skill level.
3. UI improvements.



Version 3.0 is here

We just published new version of application. Main change is in User Interface. We decided to make it looking like natural materials - wood, glass. I hope that it is last change in UI, and now we will start developing new functionalities.

PS. During release a bug came out. Some of the users could not run application. Now it is fixed. Sorry, for that.


Version 2.08


What is new:

1. Added advices  for divisions.
2. Large number support for multiplication & division advices.


We started to work on next application with new scope :-).



In versions 2.05 & 2.06 we introduced following changes:

- Changes in algorithm used for task generations. Now tasks are more difficult on higher levels.
- Repetition of word problems reduced.

- Division training added.
- Vibrations mode added when typing numbers.
- Possibility to turn off confirmations screen  which is shown after each task.
- Settings screen gives possibility to set both new modes.

BTW: We reached over 10.000 downloads on Android Market.


Let's do the math #1 v2.0


Version 2.0 was released. I redesigned application to be much easier to use, also user interface was changed to be more readeable. Number of text of word problems was increased - now there are 50 exercises of this type.

Advices functionality will be improved in 2 weeks.



Version 1.994

Happy New Year 2011,

New version was released: 
- New type of training was added: finding elements of simple expressions.
- Some UI enhancements.

We have reached over 5500 downolads. 

One quite challenging comment was posted on android market forum :
This game is useless to anyone over the age of ten. Oh, and the word problems section won't take my answer.

I confirm that it is true that this app is for kids. Second part of post will be taken into account in planning of next changes.

We have started working on quite nice feature : advices. Current functionality will be changed to be more like tutor and help in one.