Score calculation

Score calculation is introduced in latest version available on Anroid Market. App will count your score from now on.
Every correct answer makes your score grow by one. What is more important it is possible to compare your score against scores of other users across the world! So you can see your position across continents.
Communication of the score over internet is performed only after configuration in settings option. NO PERSONAL information is transmitted. Only your score, your continent and technical id is transmitted to central server. Score is stored on secure Amazon servers.

To  prevent bad habits and save the environment , score is refreshed only one time a day.

This functionality will be implemented in Amazon  versions in few days.

Happy New Year 2012 !


Why it is good to use full version?

Shortly explained:

There are more exercises available.
    There are two type of tasks adding to and subtracting  from large numbers.
    Comparisons and find element are available for comparisons and find element.

There is more word problems tasks available.
     There are 20 more word problems to solve.

It is much easier to configure tasks to do.
      It is more intuitive on smaller screen.

Sound support, after clicking at number sound is played.
       You can choose vibrations or sound effects after clicking the buttons.


Let's do the math 2

We have just published on Amazon appstore new version of application. This version contains more types of trainings and have sound support. Configuration of tasks is improved in this version. Now even with new types all is accessible on one simple screen.