I have published on Android Market an app, which makes the simple activity - giving maths exercises to my kid - easier.

Main task here is to find calculation result for different types of operations – addition, subtraction, addition with subtraction and multiplication. The exercises are the series of computations (option start training) You can adjust difficulty level by selecting year of education(option class).You can also set the difficulty level, by defining ranges of numbers for each type of computation (option Custom level). Exercises are stored In history file for verification.

The graphic appearance is not sophisticated even simple for making concentration easy.

I wish you many successes with persuading your children to use this program,


Postscript 1. I will be glad to see your commentaries.

Postscript 2. The icons I used in my program are made by the company Iconix. They are used on the licence GPL. I make this program accessible as „freeware”..

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